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Did you know: Big Chicks is NOT just a cocktail lounge, but also a gallery?!?!

 The Big Chicks collection began almost thirty years ago; all the images are curated around images about women. The gallery encompasses local, unknown, naive (self-taught) and internationally known artists whose works were chosen for their beauty, relevance, and provocative nature.

The work shown inside the sister resto Tweet is curated around the notion of space--interior, exterior, rural, urban--from Wendell White's series Schools for Colored Children, the physical blueprint of segregated schools in the north, to Colleen's Plumbs, The Animals are Inside Today, which explore our relationship to animals and our external and internal spaces . We hope you enjoy the collections.

For more information, please see the Links to artists here and read about Tweet's Featured Artist each month.
Of course, always feel free to contact us for more information about what hangs on our walls.

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